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Be Free Coaching

Counseling for Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Sobriety, Meditation/Spirituality

How To Be Free


Ed provides an environment to heal in these aspects of one's life:

BE FREE FROM PAIN Pain Reprocessing Therapy is a Mind-Body technique whereby sufferers of  pain, chronic or otherwise,  can learn to rewire their brain's neural pathways through various tools and techniques (see more below). Ed is not only is certified but has personal success with PRT as he used to suffer from atrial fibrillation and no longer does thanks to PRT

BE FREE FROM ADDICTIONS Ed’s addiction coaching centers around relapse prevention, sobriety maintenance and helping clients to be able to live the free rich life that they deserve after suffering effects of addiction.

BE FREE IN MIND AND SPIRIT Ed teaches different varieties of meditation including mindfulness, mantra training, breathing breath work, etc. Ed respects all paths of spirituality and provides a judgment free environment to heal. All believers and nonbelievers are invited to engage his services. Ed believes that spirituality is defined as that which gives us life.


Clients can be seen on  telehealth platform. Appointments are available through a certified HIPAA, secure platform. Please call 843-259-2585 for telehealth set-up!


Payment for services can be done through credit card, debit card, cash, check, Venmo. $150 per 50 minute session with a sliding scale available on all services. Sorry, no insurance is accepted.


Ed's work is done in manner that is warm, authentic, empathic and direct. 

What is Pain Reprocessing Therapy?

Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) is a system of psychological techniques designed to rewire the brain and break the cycle of chronic pain.

PRT has five main components:

  • Education about the brain origins and reversibility of pain
  • Gathering and reinforcing personalized evidence for the brain origins and reversibility of pain
  • Attending to and appraising pain sensations through a lens of safety
  • Addressing other emotional threats
  • Gravitating to positive feelings and sensations

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